Imperia Smart City Free 5 – Year Management Fee.

by Nguyen Thu Hien

Discount 12-14% of apartment selling price when paying early 70%.
5 mins to city center

Apartments designed with multiple choices:

Studio (28 – 31.8m2): From 1.1bil.
1 – bedroom apartment (43m2): From 1.8bil.
2 – bedroom apartment + 1 bathroom (55m2): From 2.3bil.
2 – bedroom apartment + 2 bathroom (64m2): From 2.8bil.
3 – bedroom apartment (76m2): From 3.2bil.

Location: Is located in a large land area of 2 wards Tay Mo, Dai Mo of Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. Imperia Smart City is considered as the heart of Vinhomes Smart City with the central location so the citizens of Imperia Smart City can use all the utilities of the Vinhomes Smart City smart urban complex.
10.2ha Central Park with the massive green Lake.
1000m2 four season swimming pool.
A wide range of utilities for both adults and children.
Not to mention a large number of modern amenities in the whole smart city such as: Zen Park, Vincom Mega Mall, International schools, Vinmect International Hospital, playgrounds, sport courts, etc.

For detailed information please contact 0853349999 or send your telephone number to inbox

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